an additional thought

If you are converting old programs using level breaks, you can define the
input file in your report program as a "special" file and feed the data
using an sqlrpgle program. the old level break programs can use sql to
select and retrieve the data even if they are so old that the data is
internally defined (if something has been working for 15 or 20 years it
may not need fixing). usually only 1 or 2 lines in the original program
need to be changed.

if you want more info on this google - special files can do it all - 2
articles by ted holt.

Jim Horn

Tim Gornall wrote:
> There appears to be much SQL talent on this list, and I'm thinking I
may be
> way behind the times. So here's a "how are you guys doing it"
> A typical example: A request comes in for a new report. It will
> the user to enter some selection data (let's say from and to dates),
> process a bunch of records within RPG. I'm still using open query
> record select logic in RPG, etc. Are some of you using SQL to do
this, is
> it a better way, or just different? Would anyone like to share
example code
> of a clean lean application using SQL?
> Thanks, Tim

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