Yes perhaps I can only write well RPG.
But I do not see a reason why I could not write web-applications with it or
create interfaces (of what ever sort to what ever other platform).
They are blazing fast, stable, secure and you can do whatever you would like
and can do with any other languages.
Auditors simply love high-risk web-applications running on iSeries and using
only compiled objects.

I really do not need other languages.
Again, it is not about the language, it is about what you do with it

Yes perhaps i can only write well RPG.
I'm not at all ashamed for that!!



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From: Nathan Andelin <nandelin@xxxxxxxxx>

Yes, you can write modern CGI web application with
AJAX and all the funny stuff in RPG - but do you really want to? The
answer is only yes if the only thing you can do well is write RPG code
(every problem looks like a nail if the only tool you have is a hammer).

Why pick on RPG? And yes, you should consider RPG for back-end servers
supporting AJAX clients - even if you're not currently using RPG. I have RPG
templates for Web applications that are VERY impressive and the performance is
simply unmatched.

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