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We have several just graduated people learning and using RPGLE and having a
lot more fun than with Java or .NET/C#.
They do not see 'legacy technology' or 'legacy programming language' they
see a very versatile language that they can learn easily and can create a
lot of fun things with.

There is no problem with the technology or with the language.
There is only a problem in our minds.



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Why pick on RPG?

Because it's legacy technology. How many students do you know that know
RPG? What's the average age of an RPG programmer? How many people do you
know that never had to work with a System i, but are now learning RPG?

I know several Unix/C programmers that have switched to using .NET/C# -
but I've never seen somebody switch to RPG/System i. I would be
interested in samples/experiences from others on this list. Do you know
people that switched e.G. from .NET/C# or Java to RPG?

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