I have an SQL statement that runs nightly to pull data from our iSeries
(V5R4) for a web based directory that does not "appear" to be pulling all
the data correctly (1 specific person right now).

This is NOT a pretty statement and would like the lists advice on the best
way to see "why" I am missing this person (and probably more)

This is a SELECT DISTINCT followed by a series of joins as follows:

then 7 LEFT JOIN's


1.  The INNER JOIN means that data must exist in both files?
2.  LEFT JOIN and LEFT OUTER JOIN means pull from first/left most file all
records and any matching (if any) from the second file
3.  Is there a way to run the SELECT so I can see "where" it is dropping the
affected person

There are just a couple of WHERE statements and they do not appear to be
affecting the selection (the person missing would be selected based on the
WHERE condition)

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