Thanks to all who replied to my question about running SAVSYS "automated".
With the holiday (I took the entire week off), I haven't had a chance to
reply to all of them, but I have read every one.


I can't forget Robot. It is crucial for making sure that certain things
happen before the backup kicks off. The length of time for these
preliminary processes is variable, and it is important for the system not
to be sitting there waiting for an arbitrary time to be reached.
(Translation:  it is important for ME that the system doesn't sit there
idle because leaving for home is a dependent process [grin].)


Darrell A. Martin  -  630-754-2187
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midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 11/18/2006 01:37:50 PM:


Forget Robot.  You can do this from the console with a start time anytime
in the next 23:59:59 just with OS/400.  If you want longer than 24 hours,
there is a TAA Tool (what else?):


Al Barsa, Jr.

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