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That would have been me and we did check that first. We do run the
safenet product that uses exit points but we contacted them and no where
in their code do they do a CHGQRYA. We are going to place a call to IBM
in the near future to try and get an explanation.  We did determine that
it does not happen on all requests coming in just those for jdbc
requests. odbc requests do not cause this error.

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I don't recall original poster ever posting the resolution, but my
was that he had an exit point registered that was trying to do CHGQRYA
on a
job, and either the QAQQINI file was deleted or library holding it was

Not sure it that was the case or not.

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Joe, Chris, Rob, &Elvis

In searching the archives, I see that a problem was discussed that
revolved around an error stating the following:

List or expression not valid for parameter QRYOPTLIB.
Error found on CHGQRYA command.
Errors found in command.
Trigger program or external routing detected and error.

I cannot find if/how it was ever resolved, and am currently
experiencing.  Does anyone remember this or how it was addressed?

Much appreciated.

Joseph Hayes 

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