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And twinax is not the magic bullet some altzeimers seem to think it is.
I've had a lot of issues with it in the past.  Twinax cards going bad. Bad
twinax cabling, address conflicts, baluns screwed up, terminals going bad,
electrical shock from the attaching the cable because the wall plug was
reversed, repeaters all needing to be replaced because 5250 signal is not
as strong in an iSeries as it was in an AS/400, and more.

Every one of these issues is just as bad with a PC (bad PC cards, bad
Ethernet cables, bad IP addresses, bad monitors), while in addition you have
disk drives going bad, memory cards failing, and batteries exploding (if you
use a laptop).  Also, I've NEVER gotten a virus in a 5250 terminal.

As to a repeater, this is a system console, so I have mine physically
proximate to the iSeries.  If you can't handle a 5-foot twinax cable, you
shouldn't be going anywhere near a PC.

And you're the only person I know of who ever managed to get an electrical
shock from a twinax cable, Rob.  :)

Op's console was problem free for me.
HMC, (now that most of the early ship issues have been worked out) is
quite reliable now.

Plus, with the newer technologies you can get remote access much easier.

This is absolutely true.  If you want remote access to your console, a
separate PC-based emulation device (whether it be HMC or Ops Console) is the
only way to do it.  But again, this is my system console, and in seven years
I've never needed to access my system console from the road.


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