Use CHGCMDDFT and change the password default to *NONE. 

It took a while, but I finally got management to make the standard that
a profile is always created with *NONE as the password. When the user is
ready to sign on for the first time, they are to call the helpdesk, at
which time, a one-time password is given, with the requirement that it
be changed when they sign on. 

Before that, since everyone knew that a new profile had the profile name
as password, it was a HUGE security hole. Don't know if anyone crawled
through it or not, but they can't now.

OTOH, there are have been a few times when there ended up being a
default password, but I have a set of programs from SkyView Partners
that runs every morning, and that's one of the things I am informed of.
It's changed as soon as I see it in the morning.


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Same as everyone else out there, look at the default for password on
CRTUSRPRF.  We get some who says "we gotta have a signon for ...".  Then
they never actually sign on and change their password.

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RE: iSeries Security in Computerworld

Rob, I don't count your shop as "typical" :).  For example, how in the 
did you manage to create 111 enabled default password accounts?  Seems 
you have a SERIOUS issue. 


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Do we count as a client, I seem to recall writing a check...
CPC2232 - 119 user profiles have default passwords of which 111 have
status of *ENABLED.
Total number of user profiles =796.  Seems to be greater than 1 out of


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