At TUG, we used to have a question on our evaluation sheet.
"Did you come for the Topic or the Speaker" ....We had that question for 4 or 5 years and most of the time (80% +) the answer was "TOPIC".

I know there are GREAT speakers out there, but people come "primarily" for the topic. Get a good topic addressing the majority on your audiance and you will have more chance to bring people.

Topics addressing the developping/programming languages have more chances to attract a big crowd than a topic addressing "computer networking" topics. Let's face it, you always need more developers/programmers in your shop than network administrators.....many times a network administrator is a consultant/contractor coming to your shop once or twice a week.

Also, remember that you should have topics that interest your members.....not only what YOU want!..


Jerry Adams wrote:

Steve Richter wrote:

Great idea Aaron.  The money IBM is spending sending its speakers to
the local groups could be spent instead on the equipment the LUGs need
to do this sort of thing. Instead of George Farr making the rounds,
speaking to 20 people every night, the entire IBM RPG team could do an
interactive video presentation on a single night to as many local
groups as want to patch in.

Actually, the LUG's wind up paying the expenses for the IBM speakers - unless you can get a HUGE turnout. I know because I've signed the checks to pay the bill. On another note, one of the problems (Catch-22) with even "big name" speakers like George Farr is that most of the people of the LUG have no idea who that is, or why they should care. Even after it is explained to them. We've had several "big name" speakers and have one or two lined up for next year, but the only one that drew an overflow audience was Massoglia. We were even able to snag Dr. Frank when COMMON was in Nashville; above average draw but not overflow. Not a knock on Dr. Frank; they just have no clue who these people are.

On the other hand, we seem to have our best draws (still no big shakes) for technical programming sessions. Which leaves the sys admins out in the cold oftentimes.

I try to attend every meeting, even if the topic is of absolutely no interest or value to me, for one simple reason: I want the group to be there so that it CAN present meetings of interest to me tomorrow.

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