Thank You, All

We do not want to invest more money to buy new POS cash drawer. I will play
around with a CA Print session.
Thank You again

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Going waaaaay back, there was/is a company that produced a cash register with
5250. I do not recall the name.

You could always look at the IBM POS.... that has certainly been attached to any
number of Iseries going waaay back.

Most, if not all are windows based and that would not be a real stretch to
transfer data or even direct file updates to the Iseries.

  I got over 1400 hits searching on POS at the Iseries web site.

Gary Segal wrote:

Hi guys,

I need some advise on "Point of Sale" hardware. 

We have a store with two POS(Wasp) systems that are using Wasp 
software and hardware. We have to upload/download inventory, convert 
data, etc.... It does not work smoothly.......

we have 2 stand a long Wasp Quick store systems: 
<> )    

We would like to write Cash Register software that will work directly 
with our inventory files and merge into our existing applications.

1.      Is there any POS software with open source? 
2.      What hardware is the best to use? 
3.      How can I make iSeries(model 9406 V5R2M0) to communicate with a Wasp
cash register? 
4.      Is there a special API's to open the cash drawer? 

Thank you in advance

Gary Segal
Goebel Of North America
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