Dan wrote:
At v5r2 in another shop (I think they were at security level 40, but could
have been 30), I retrieved the source for WRKMBRPDM into a different named
member (WMPU), changed the file parameter to default to my development
source file, compiled and life was good.

In a new shop now, at v5r3 and security level 40, I try to do the same
thing; the command compiles, but running and even prompting the command
generates MCH6801, violation type 1 (Object domain violation).

Dan, what does DSPCMD show for the "State used to call program" for your
command?  I think that your version will show *USER; that would cause
the domain violation because QPDA/QUOCPP requires that it be called in
system state.  (You won't be able to create a command that calls the CPP
in system state.)


   Program to process command . . . . . . :   QUOCPP     
     Library  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :     QPDA     
     State used to call program . . . . . :     *SYSTEM  <-------

(My immediate fix is to have the command just call a CL that issues the
WRKMBRPDM command.  So, I have a workaround.  I'd just like to know what's
going on, and why it's behaving diffferently than before.

I think you'll have to stick with that workaround.  What's happening is
that security level 40 enforces this rule (from the help for DSPSYSVAL
QSECURITY): "Programs fail if they try to access objects through
interfaces that are not supported."

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