We have been using HP Laser printers to print Iseries output for some time now. 
 We define the Printer Session on Iseries with Client Access, then "point" to 
the laser printer, and all works like "butter".

ALL if the Iseries prints, which we send to the laser via the C/A print 
session, are AUTOMATICALLY "turned" or corrected so that they come out 
LANDSCAPE - whether 132 or 198 width printouts.

This is all good, except now we have ONE application (A/P checks) which MUST 
NOT "turn", but rather print in the PORTRAIT orientation.  This is only an 83 
character wide form (which we now print on an IBM 4243 continuous forms 
printer).  We want to replace that method with 8.5 x 11 cut sheet forms loaded 
in the laser.  If have tried many different options, (OVRPRTF, etc.) but CANNOT 
get the output to print PORTRAIT - It still turns it to Landscape no matter 
what I have tried.

Anyone face and conquer this issue in the past?

Don C.

Don F. Cavaiani
IT Manager
Amerequip Corp.
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