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Chris: There are no errors on the target system. Authority seems not to be an issue.

Michael: Yes.  The mode descriptions are the same.

And I guess I am not surprised by those findings since the SAVSYS on the production side would have copied everything to the development side.

Rob: Hmmm. The target system descriptions weren't in the directory or routing entries (since they were clones of the production system) and, more interesting, there aren't any *ANY entries for the development partition in the production side or vise a versa, yet the production side is still "finding" the development side.

I used CRTCTLAPPC when I created the controller description and it is identical, except the object name and description, to the controller on the production side. If I vary off the controller on the production side I can no longer pass through to development so I know I have the right controller. On the development side the device description is created automatically under the controller I created so I think I have that correct as well.


rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Those SNA error codes are fun, eh?
Did you verify CFGDSTSRV options 1 & 2?
Does WRKDIRE have a valid *ANY entry for the opposite system on each lpar?
You could try deleting the sna controller and device and see if they autocreate. I've done that.

Rob Berendt

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