> What do you mean by "could not get to 
> www.creativelyspeaking.com"?  Just trying to see how your i5 
> plays in this picture.  For example, if you were trying to 
> browse their web site from your PC then your i5 does nothing 
> UNLESS, you put in the IP address of your i5 into "Use the 
> following DNS server addresses".  Then you're toast UNLESS 
> you configured your i5 to be a DNS server.

The i5 is a DNS server.

> 2-Try pinging www.creativelyspeaking.com from your i5.  

I did and I got there!  Got the same exact response you got, which is good.
If I ping from my PC, it says "unknown host"

There must be something I do not understand.  The i5 is a DNS server and
DHCP server.  I was under the assumption that if I set the PC's on our local
LAN to "Obtain DNS server address automatically" and "Obtain an IP address
automatically" that I would get an IP address from the i5 (DHCP) and would
use (for DNS) whatever the i5 had set up as DNS servers.  Apparently that's
not the case.  So what is my PC using as a DNS server?  Does that mean there
is some PC acting as a DNS server in our office?

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