I am confused.... are you reading this thread?

Here is an example:

JOE> How many sessions recommend WebSphere on the iSeries?
JOE:> How many sessions promote migrating Windows applications to the iSeries?
JOE: >  How many suggest that new development be done on the iSeries?

On the other hand, Joe is not answering any questions from me.

Is there a double standard here?

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I agree with Joe.  As of yet, none of the responses to any of Joe's posts
have answered any of the points he has brought up.  All they have done is
chastise him for not immediately falling in line with their way of

Joe may not be right in everything he says (I don't really know), but so
far none of the others have bothered to really refute anything he has
said.  They are acting like typical politicians when asked a question -
talk for hours on end, but never give a direct answer!

Thank you,
Ronald L. Zimmerman

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