> From: Walden H. Leverich
> >Use SQL if you want, but get even better performance with native
> programming.
> Native may perform better on iSeries than SQL on iSeries, but that
> doesn't mean native on iSeries is better than SQL on another platform.
> We've see the results on this list (or maybe ignite, or web400, don't
> recall) a small PC with SQLServer blows the doors off a small iSeries
> w/SQL.

This is complete crap, and the exact direction I did NOT want to go.  A
small PC with SQL server is ONLY doing SQL server, not the myriad other
things an iSeries does.  It also cannot scale to the size an iSeries can
without lots more hardware, etc.  We can rehash every damned argument in
the book, but it comes down to a business decision, whether you want to
go cheap and proprietary vs. robust and open.  Business decision.

But this is NOT about iSeries vs. Windows.  This is about native vs.
SQL, and the truth is that native is faster than SQL on the iSeries for
many operations, which I have carefully documented.  If you disagree
with that, you had better have facts, otherwise you're just trolling.

And Walden, any time you want to run an MRP generation over a 100
million record database on your little SQL Server box and compare it
with my RPG on an iSeries, I'm ready for you.


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