I did something similar a couple weekends ago. #1 upgraded 820 5.2 TO 5.3
#2 During the week I used the functions in STRASPBAL to move data off several drives not migrating.
Next weekend
#3 Full System backup
#4 Did Final remove of disks not migrating (5 minutes)
#5 Broke RAID on remaining 8 drives
#6 Powered Down
#7 Moved all 8 drives to 520 making sure LS was in thr right spot
#8 IPL'd to DST verified HW etc
#9 Rebuilt raid
#10 IPL'd the OS
#11 Fixed resources
#12 Verified PTFs by running CUME and Groups thru... (NONE NEEDED TO BE INSTALLED)
#13 Did a Fulll System Backup and let users on...

Condon, Mike wrote:

We are going forward with a cutover from our current 9406/820 (p30) to a new
i5/520 (p10) this weekend, or if logistics don't permit, on the 30th. All is
ready on the 820 side - we just upgraded it from v4r5 to v5r3 and it's all
stable. It's an upgrade moving the serial number over from the 820. We're keeping
the following, which will be transplanted from the 820 to the i5:
- Twinax Console card (2843-001)
- ECS card (2745-001)
- 10/100 Ethernet (2838-001)
- RAID Controller (284C-001/2748-001/268C-001/6B02-001)
- 10 disks from our current ASP/RAID set (Type 6717 Size 7516gb)

So the procedure looks to be:
1. Two full system saves.
2. Break raid set.
3. pwrdwnsys.
4. Move the Twinax Console card, ECS card, Ethernet, RAID controller.
5. Move the current drives to the new "cans". 6. Power up i5 and...........
- OS is loaded intact from current ASP devices
- Follow standard Restore procedures
7. Cleanup work with licensed programs, network, ECS testing, etc.

The issue with step #5/6 is that both our reseller and our IBM CE's are not
certain that we can just move the disks and load the operating system from
our current load disk (from position 02 on the new 520) and the rest of the
ASP, and then add the new disks (qty 4 15k rpm disks - don't know the model
offhand) & reconfig the raid set. The other option is to move all of the
gear and then perform the standard restore procedures. Regardless, we'll have to deal with Console/ECS/Network.
So I'm not getting a real warm feeling about how uncertain they are about
how this will pan out. I'm prepared for either scenario, but would of course
like to load from our disks in place since our users will see the new
machine much sooner. If any of you from experience can let me know how this will more than likely

turn out, I'd really appreciate it. In the past couple of weeks, it went
from "yes, we can load from the current disks" to "maybe/not sure" to "no",
then back to yes, and now it's "we'll just have to install them & see what
happen". On a side note, we will end up with three network ports - (1) 10/100
(2838-001 from the old machine), (1) 10/100 onboard, and one 10/100/1000
onboard. Is there a way to trunk all three together on the same IP address with
failover & load balancing? I have all three interfaces going to separate
switches to cover that point of failure. --
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