<what I submitted>

 CPYFRMIMPF command                                                     
System Type: 9406                                                       
System Serial Number: 10-589ZM                                          
Operating System:  i5/OS V5R3                                           
Product Group:  OS/400 - General, Other                                 
V5R3, latest c-u-m, database, and hipers applied                        
Question regarding CPYFRMIMPF command when the data has an              
embedded " character.  We receive files regularly from the State of     
Indiana in .csv format.  Recently a file contained the following        
FDP,COM,"BP11","Freezer","72/5.5oz por.","15" Ital. Pizza","15"         
Italian Pizza",0,0,26,24.75,9.97,0,28,07/28/2004,|                      
Note that there are 2 places in this record where the " (STRDLM         
character) appears within the data as opposed to being a string         
delimiter.  When I use CPYFRMIMPF to get the date to a PF-DTA file,     
this is not handled properly.  The data ends up fubar'ed from an        
application viewpoint.  If I open the received .csv file with MS        
Excel, it is handled properly.                                          
I wouldn't want it to get out that MS has more intelligent software     
than IBM <g>.                                                           
Seriously, I have no idea what the 'standards' say for such a           
situation.  It could be that:                                           
1) Excel should actually not open the file properly, MS is              
notorious for not following standards.                                  
2) Or it could be that when the State of Indiana created the file,      
they should have doubled up the character so that the field read        
like this:  "15"" Ital. Pizza".                                         
3)Or it could be that CPYFRMIMPF should have looked at the next         
character and since it (the next character) wasn't a comma (the         
FLDDLM character), then the " should have not been treated as the       
STRDLM character.                                                       
In any case, there needs to be some resolution.                         

</what I submitted>

<IBM Response>

________________________ 04/10/04-10:48--CR ____________________________
 S7> COMPID= 5722SS100                                                  
Customer Rep: Jeffrey                                                   
Action Taken: q to DB                                                   
Action Plan:  Rq to NETRSP with response-Thank you                      
________________________ 04/10/04-11:18--CT ____________________________
 NO CONTACT IS REQUIRED                                                 
________________________ 04/10/04-11:59--CR ____________________________
 S7> COMPID= 5722SS100                                                  
Customer: Jeffrey                                                       
Problem: CPYFRMIMPF is not handling string delimiter " within string    
delimiters in a comma field delimited file.                             
Action Taken: Investigate                                               
Action Plan: REQ to DBWK04 with Delay to investigate and respond.       
________________________ 04/10/06-12:24--CR ____________________________
 S7> COMPID= 5722SS100                                                  
Action Taken:                                                           
Jeffrey -                                                               
I investigated and contacted development and there currently is no      
support to handle a single string delimiter that is used within the same
string delimiters.  The processing fails because the code can attempt to
find a 2nd matching string delimiter and therefore can go past the end  
of field delimiter, into the next field.                                
I believe a circumvention for                                           
you would be to use a different string delimiter such as '~' or         
something other than a '"' which is being used as an inch symbol as     
well as string delimiter in your example.  Unfortuneately the CPYFRMIMPF
does not handle string delimiters within the same string delimiter as   
sometimes expected.                                                     
The other option for you beyond the circumvention would be to submit a  
design change request so our development could consider a change for a  
future release. If you would like to this let me know and I can make    
sure you get a DCR form.                                                
I hope this is of help for you. Let know if I can close this PMR, or    
what you would like to do....                                           
Thanks, Kevin.                                                          

Action Plan: Await reponse from Jeffrey                                 
________________________ 04/10/06-12:27--CC ____________________________
Customer Rep: Jeffrey                                                   
Action Taken: Notified customer PMR has been updated                    
Action Plan:  Email-fup                                                 

</IBM Response>

<My response>

It's the State of Indiana and they send this file to other businesses, not
just us.  They are not going to change the delimiter(s) due to this
deficiency.  I would like a DCR.

</My response>

Jeff Crosby
Dilgard Frozen Foods, Inc.
P.O. Box 13369
Ft. Wayne, IN 46868-3369

The opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily the opinion of my
company.  Unless I say so.

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