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> OMG, that whole "Assume" analogy is so 70's.
> I think the biggest problem is with programmers that think their database
> design takes the place of good coding.  Referential constraints 
> are meant to
> be a last line of defense in database maintenance.  They don't take the
> place of good program code.
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> Is that the ONLY condition that will cause it?  I don't think so.
> What other conditions may cause such an error?
> - File full
> - Duplicate key
> - error on the trigger program associated with the file
> - referential constraint error.
> I think the biggest problem we have in getting developers to start using 
> triggers, constraints and basically coming out of the 70's with their 
> database design is a fear that they will have to bring their 
> coding out of 
> the 70's also.
> Goes back to the basic lesson:  Assume can be broken down into 
> three words 
> A$$/u/me, or, you make an a$$ out of u and me when you assume.
> Rob Berendt

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