Hello David,

Here is also a note as sent by Paul Tykodi. Don't know if it will solve
your problem, but it may help.



Jan Megannon.

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 01:34, Simon Coulter wrote:
> Hello David,
> You will have to find out the PCL incantations that select the paper trays. 
> This 
> may be the same as standard HP but is often different. Once you have that 
> information then retrieve the source for the *HP6 WSCST object (presuming the 
> 'copier service guy' is correct). Then edit that source and locate the 
> tag and change the incantation for drawer 1 to be whatever selects the bulk 
> paper tray. Save the source, compile it using the CRTWSCST command, and 
> specify 
> the new WSCST object on the WSCST keyword of the definition.
> Since specifying drawer 3 on the spooled file selects the correct drawer you 
> could simply swap the incantations for drawers 1 and 3 in the WSCST source.
> If the printer supports SNMP or PJL (commonly called port9100 support) then 
> you 
> will get better control by defining it as a *LAN printer rather than as a 
> remoute output queue.
> Regards,
> Simon Coulter.

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