Hello David,

You will have to find out the PCL incantations that select the paper trays. 
may be the same as standard HP but is often different. Once you have that 
information then retrieve the source for the *HP6 WSCST object (presuming the 
'copier service guy' is correct). Then edit that source and locate the :DRAWER 
tag and change the incantation for drawer 1 to be whatever selects the bulk 
paper tray. Save the source, compile it using the CRTWSCST command, and specify 
the new WSCST object on the WSCST keyword of the definition.

Since specifying drawer 3 on the spooled file selects the correct drawer you 
could simply swap the incantations for drawers 1 and 3 in the WSCST source.

If the printer supports SNMP or PJL (commonly called port9100 support) then you 
will get better control by defining it as a *LAN printer rather than as a 
remoute output queue.

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