I'd add that Joe is being too kind.  The trouble with making a pig look like
its flying is that after the first excitement passes everyone notices its
still a pig. 

Then the rumblings start about "old fashioned", "legacy crap", "lets get
into the 21st century", and so on.  But now the wad has been shot, the
changes made, and still no one is happy.
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From: Midrange Systems Technical Discussion
Date: Sunday, June 15, 2003 11:43:53 PM
To: Midrange Systems Technical Discussion
Subject: RE: webfacing and competing products
> From: trevor perry
> I say, give that pig some wings - and at least let it ~look~ like it is
> flying!
This is the worst advice anyone could give our industry. Encouraging
companies to spend money on band aid solutions is as irresponsible an act as
I can imagine.
We need real movement, real solutions. We need a new interface based on
open standards. We need breathing room to open our applications up. We
need to be able to apply a consistent look and feel between legacy
applications on the iSeries and applications written from scratch for the
Let the pig "look" like it's flying? I hate to be the guy standing
underneath. And meanwhile the guy selling pigs' wings has a pocketful of
money and is on the lookout for another unsuspecting pig.

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