A T1 is 1.5 MB/sec.  What Mike is looking to do is run over a 1GB adapter.
I assume that his 2 AS400s are on the same LAN.  Of course this is not over
a WAN connection.
Of course SNA does not care about the speed, however perhaps for what ever
reason IBM decided not to support SNA over the 1GB adapters.  I don't have
one, so I can not say for sure.

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Just to be a little "picky" about somthing...

SNA doesn't care how fast you run. The hardware adapters do.

They have been hooking up full T-1 lines to IBM gear for a
very long time. I understand that 1GB is a published number
but I question how that can possibly run over any public network... "Maybe"
over straight fiber, but wire lines over pswtn sounds a little far fetched
to me.

Mike Shaw wrote:
> Carl,
> Right now we are doing both traditional SNA and TCP/IP over 100 Mb 
> Ethernet. According to what I have read, traditional SNA is not 
> supported at 1 GB speeds and requires AnyNet to be configured to work.
> The 100 Mb iSeries-to-iSeries environment right now is purely LAN.  
> There is WAN traffic (TCP only), but is handled/front ended by our 
> network folks. WAN is transparent to all the iSeries here in Santa 
> Rosa, vanilla SNA.

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