There really aren't any limits on file sizes in the 4.5GB range on the
iSeries (at V5R2 a physical file can be 1 TB, which is also the limit for
FTP).  If there isn't a problem with 32 bit addressing mentioned in other
posts, here are two things you could check.

- All files on the iSeries are owned by a user profile and these user
profiles can have limits on the amount of storage they are allowed.
Create the file before you start the transmission and verify that the
owner of the file is not approaching their storage limit.

- Files are generally created with a specific number of records allowed,
a number of records to extend the file, and the number of extents
allowed.  When you create your target file, verify that these parameters
exceed the expected number of records.

- It is rare for a process to fail without leaving a message somewhere.
Check the job logs for the FTP job on the iSeries.  There may be
something there.

- If you're doing a put from the mainframe and are running into limits on
that platform, you might have better luck doing a get from the iSeries.

Andy Nolen-Parkhouse

> On Behalf Of jgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: ftp file size
> I am trying to ftp a mainframe file (vsam) to our new iSeries box.  The
> file
> is 7.6 gig.  After 4.5 gig the ftp stops.  Is there any kind of limit
> on
> file sizes on the iSeries?
> I am using the ftp client on the mainframe side so the iSeries is the
> ftp
> server.
> We are completely new to the iSeries. We are just begining our
> mirgration
> from s/390 mainframe to the iSeries(as/400).
> Thanks for your Help!!!
> Jimmy Green

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