We can do this now.  You setup independant storage pools, and you can
move them from one system to another. so if you have a system ASP, and
everything else in other ASPs 1-n you can vary one off and vary it onto
another box.  It works best with SHARK I think, but was beening demoed at
the Nashville Common last year.

    So, at least in theory.  If you have two systems capable of handling the
workload, you could move all the user area's (storage) to system two and
them update system one with ~zero user down time.


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> As Walden and others have pointed out, with a cluster of Linux or Windows
> systems you can take a system out of the cluster to apply fixes without
> bringing down the cluster and your application.
> I think the iSeries really needs to improve in this area.  As it stands, I
> would have a real hard time recommending the iSeries for someone with high
> availability needs in a "connected world".  The iSeries rocks when it
> to unscheduled downtime, but it is not so great in the area of planned
> downtime.

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