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> > It might be helpful to remind fellow listers that whatever 
> > you include in the body of your emails gets put unchanged 
> > into the list archives.  So, if you include your email 
> > address as part of your sig, it's there in the archives 
> > for everyone to see (and "farm").
> This is true ... but I am investigating a way to change that.

Why?  Why not put the onus on the subscriber?  Are you going to mask
out phone numbers and other personal info too?  Also, David, there may
be legitimate reasons to keep the email address in a archived post,
such as a "If anyone is interested in this, contact me offlist at".  I would think that would be worth keeping
unchanged in the archive.  It really has to be up to the subscriber to
decide whether to put it in the body or not, IMO.

> > I gave up using my company email for list email because of
> > spam.  It's a lot easier to create a new yahoo email account
> > than to have to explain to your boss why you're getting 
> > spammed.
> This is a reasonable approach ... although keep in mind that 
> such accounts have limits on the amount of storage available.
> Also, the new version of the list software is far more 
> sensitive to bounced messages... if you get 5 days of bounced
> messages, your subscription will be suspended.

I learned long ago not to archive every message that gets sent.  I use
the archives extensively.  Yahoo gives me 4MB.  That's a
LOT of text-based email.  If I ever fill up that much space in an email
account that only sees Midrange-L posts, then I've got some
housecleaning to do.

Could you explain the bounced messages?  Are you speaking of *my*
web-based email account reaching capacity and bouncing back to *your*
server?  If so, again, I refer to the previous paragraph.  

BTW, Rob mentioned the spam he got from Ed Gizowski and I had replied
that I had not received any.  Well today I checked one of my other
email accounts that previously had only been used for a Midrange-Jobs
list subscription.  But I cancelled that subscription last August. 
AND, there's no archive for Midrange-Jobs.  Hmmm.

- Dan

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