Well, I would say if you are seriously debating this, you need to go speak
to an actual lawyer that deals in this field to get a professional opinion.

no use to take a chance if you are unsure.

Adam Lang
Systems Engineer
Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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> I almost agree with your add-on; I think it's still too overly broad.
> "in any way" is a field-day phrase for lawyers.
> It's interesting, though.  The company that needs to be protected is
> the client that I'm assigned to.  The way this contract reads is that
> my employer, and not the client, owns everything.  I'd have to believe
> that the contract between the client and my employer would state that
> the client retains ownership of all my work.  Or maybe my employer
> takes ownership of my work and assigns all of that to the client?  A
> legalese kind of thing since I'm not contractually obligated to the
> client, but my employer is?
> It sounds like my employer is going to be hardnosed about this.  I got
> an email back stating that the contract must be signed in its current
> form.  I guess I need to ask the question, "what will they do if I
> refuse?"
> - Dan

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