For V5R1, here are the reference manuals for:


Performance Tools

Best/1 is a part of Performance Tools, although it is being phased out
and its functions will be placed in iSeries Navigator.  As I recall, the
command to initiate Best/1 is STRBST.

Yes, Performance Tools does generate a lot of raw data which can be used
by other products, but it sounds like you haven't really begun to
explore the product yet to determine whether you need to do that.  As
more functionality gets moved to the PC-based Navigator, it is very
likely that GDDM will not be necessary for good graphics.

I hope this helps,
Andy Nolen-Parkhouse

>] On Behalf Of McGivern, Tom
> Subject: Performance tools.
> I've got 5722-PT1 installed, but can't find any decent documentation
> the darn thing...
> It would appear to require GDDM to produce the graphs (I hope it
> produces some kind of graph)  are there any pretty charts, I see a lot
> of references to BEST/1 (but that I don't have a license to.. (or does
> it come with the 5722-pt1 license?))
> Is there a way to extract raw data from the product to be pushed
> through
> another product (like SAS or similar)
> We're paying for the product, but am getting zero use out of it...
> Any help appreciated..

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