Here is what you do:


Then, if you have Query/400 installed, you can just run:


Then, select records using a "pattern" such as:

    MLNAME    LIKE    '%ABC%'

Or whatever other member name "pattern" you are looking for,
such as "ABC%", etc.

Or, you can use SQL (eg. STRSQL) to query this "outfile", as in:


You get the idea?

Depending on whether you use TYPE(*MBR) or *MBRLIST,
you would use field names MLNAME, MLFILE, MLLIB, etc.,
instead of MBNAME, MBFILE, etc.

So, OS/400 does have a capability to "search" across all libraries,
or only all user libraries, etc.; you just have to learn how to use the
tools! :-)

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Subject: RE: Finding members

> The thing that's always bugged me is that while there are system files
> that contain all sorts of information about the objects on the system,
> even down to a list of all fields in all files on the system, there is
> no file that contains a list of the members on the system. That said it
> is a relatively simple matter to write a program that reads through the
> QADBXREF file in QSYS and run a CHKOBJ for the member for each source
> file on the system. It is also possible though slightly more difficult,
> and much more time consuming to create a program that will look for
> members with wildcards in their names.
> Joe Lee
> >>> 11/07/2002 15:13:07 >>>
>  Aside from all of the other suggestions (which are good ones) there's
> a
> mix-up on files and members.   A member is not a file.
> "Members" is one of IBM's wonderfully great ideas that fell flat.  We
> have
> to live with the consequences but the consequences are minor.  You've
> hit on
> the worst consequence - how does one find a member?  Members are hard
> to
> find because they are not objects like files and libraries and
> programs.
> On the AS/400 I think its easier to think of things as being in object
> bags
> instead of on  an object tree.
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> Booth Martin
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> Subject: RE: Finding members
> Thanks Bonnie...however, the file (as it's called on the hp) would
> actually
> be a member on the iseries (MYLIB/MYFILE), and if my understanding is
> correct (and that's truly said with caution), then you would not see
> the
> member if you were using the WRKOBJ command...?
> Ray Shahan
> "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans", John
> Lennon
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> > From: Bonnie Williams []
> > Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 4:09 PM
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> > Subject: Re: Finding members
> >
> > To find a file named MYFILE anywhere on the system, type:
> >
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