The thing that's always bugged me is that while there are system files
that contain all sorts of information about the objects on the system,
even down to a list of all fields in all files on the system, there is
no file that contains a list of the members on the system. That said it
is a relatively simple matter to write a program that reads through the
QADBXREF file in QSYS and run a CHKOBJ for the member for each source
file on the system. It is also possible though slightly more difficult,
and much more time consuming to create a program that will look for
members with wildcards in their names.
Joe Lee

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 Aside from all of the other suggestions (which are good ones) there's
mix-up on files and members.   A member is not a file.

"Members" is one of IBM's wonderfully great ideas that fell flat.  We
to live with the consequences but the consequences are minor.  You've
hit on
the worst consequence - how does one find a member?  Members are hard
find because they are not objects like files and libraries and

On the AS/400 I think its easier to think of things as being in object
instead of on  an object tree.

Booth Martin

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Thanks Bonnie...however, the file (as it's called on the hp) would
be a member on the iseries (MYLIB/MYFILE), and if my understanding is
correct (and that's truly said with caution), then you would not see
member if you were using the WRKOBJ command...?

Ray Shahan

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans", John

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> To find a file named MYFILE anywhere on the system, type:

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