Not sure if this fits the bill or not but.... From V4R5 PTF SF66235

Use the WRKHTTPCFG command to add the following

  original server directive to your configuration


        SendServerVersion OFF

  Directive format:



   Syntax:  ON|OFF

   Default:  ON (product-version sent)

  The server response header and pre-defined error messages will

  contain the same server type and version information as before

  the fix when SendServerVersion is set to ON or not coded in

  your configuration.  This directive is not available via the


  Setting this directive to OFF tells the server not to include

  a response header for "Server" in responses sent by

  the server to a browser.  Pre-defined error messages generated

  by the original server will also not contain information on the

  server type when SendServerVersion is configured as OFF.

 Bryan Dietz
3X Corporation

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