It seams to me that they could offer up the systems they are selling on
ebay to developers, maybe with a little better configuration.  I understand
these boxes will not meet everyone's needs, like running websphere, LPAR.
But do most of the developers need the latest and greatest hardware.  And
now that the licences can expire whenever IBM wants them to, they could let
developers have the software with  1 year of usage at a time.

I am not even getting into the cost of a CD versus the R&D cost. But
sometimes you do need to make the systems attractive to developers.

Also IBM is pushing out the business partners also. Years ago I could of
sold you one, but they dropped me years ago. A friend on mine quit selling
IBM systems 12/31/01 because it was just getting to hard. But she can still
sell you a PC server.

John Ross
I run one of those netboxes, and would not care if IBM did also.

>I understand that IBM has to charge for the hardware, after all there is a
>cost per unit to produce. But their cost for software is the price to press
>a CD, I'm not even sure they can measure that it's so small why the hell
>should they charge the ISVs for software?

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