I haven't tried this, but maybe characters of a substitution
don't get converted, so...

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Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 8:45 PM
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> Well, you've never upset the folks, have you?  <g>
> So any of the attribute characters in _MY_ messages get converted?
> My aim is to make an important message stand out.
> Nulls (x'00') get displayed as that reverse image block. maybe all values
> below x'20' and equal to x'FF' would show up that way?
> At 09:34 PM 5/27/02 -0400, you wrote:
> >I did this on System/38, and IBM got pissed at me.  (Ah, such a good
> >precedent!)
> >
> >On the 400, IBM did a run through of the user defined messages fields
> >(which includes object text), and purged all message attributes (all
> >characters above x'20" and below x'39' turning them into 'x'40'.
> >

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