On 05/14/2002 at 04:00 PM Steve Richter wrote:

> Will search be improved in v5r2?
> Can a search be limited to title only, Will word proximity contribute to
> scoring, Will title hits score higher and display before body hits ?
> there be a finder finder ?

We are actively evaluating and testing search alternatives.  The initial
release of V5R2 will use the same search engine, but there will be some

1.  When a query is made for one of the most common search terms, a set of
3-5 recommended links will be provided ahead of the normal search results.
These links were defined by the folks who write the information and are
intended to get you as close as possible to your desired topic.  Of course,
some of the common search terms are very general (like 'SQL' or 'DDS') so
we can only get you to the most logical starting point in our hierarchy.

2.  We will provide text along with the links in the results list to give
some context to the search hit.  Normally, this will be the first 100-150
characters of the topic (and you'll be able to turn off the abstracts)

3.  We'll always show the advanced search on the search results page.

Unfortunately, the engine we are using on the internet does not provide
support for searching titles only nor does it give precedence to hits found
in the title.

As to a finder finder, there is not one.  In V5R1, there were only two
finders (the System Value Finder and the IPL SRC Finder (added in 4Q2001)).
In V5R2, there are several more - an API Finder, a CL Command Finder, a
Journal Code Finder, an LPAR SRC finder, and an SQL Message Finder.  I will
look into providing an article in the 'Overview and What's New' section
with pointers to the finders.

Regards,  Jerry Barry

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