The hardware clock or "Machine time" are the Q system values: QHOUR QMINUTE
and QSECOND.  Changing those does not affect the software clock.  On a side
note, I believe changing the QUTCOFFSET (Universal time offset), a manual
process that we must do twice a year, will force the SNTP server to end if
it's not done at the exact time that daylight savings starts and stops.

All this seems like a lot of work.  There has to be companies out there
running on iSeries (like banks) that are using SNTP to get an exact time
stamp for legal purposes.  I wish I would hear from them!

ON Mon, 13 May 2002, Rich, James wrote:

> Hmm...  I haven't really played with the clocks on OS/400 much.  Can you
> give me an example of how to change the hardware clock without affecting
> the software clock?

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