At 14:17 05/12/2002, Joe Pluta wrote:
>Choosing IE over Netscape, while distasteful, is
>unfortunately the best choice - for now.

I have to agree. NS support for CSS positioning and alignment is so buggy
it simply isn't usable, and although I haven't tried with 6.2, the 6.0
event model was the same way. IE, although it is from the evil empire, gets
the job done, and does support the DOM standard, pretty much as well as NS
purports to. It has proprietary extensions, true enough, but you're not
forced to use them. I work in a Microsoft shop, and I really appreciate the
XML parsing capability built in to IE (wouldn't it be nice if it used
XML4?). That may be proprietary (not really, but I'll concede the point),
however it supports useful distributed production applications that
couldn't be produced nearly as efficiently any other way. The one ray of
hope is Opera. Hopefully in another year or so, it'll be a match for IE,
and it's not restricted to Windows. NS, I'm afraid, has deteriorated to the
point where it is no longer a factor.

Pete Hall

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