Jim Rhodes wrote:
>I have a client that insists on FTPing files to my
>AS/400 with long filenames  14 to 18 characters in
>Can anyone tell me what they are doing in this

I use a directory off the root file system (sometimes called the IFS)  To
see what I'm talking about, do a WRKLNK '/' and browse through the
directories you see there.  There's a Unix-like file system (QOpenSys) and
an old DOS-ish file system for shared folders (QDOC) and even our
traditional QSYS.LIB file system.

I create a directory with the MKDIR command, authorise it (and only it) to a
special "transfer in" user profile and let the far end FTP to their heart's
content.  You need to read up on the Integrated File System and how
authority works (it's not like traditional authority) and you'll get
accustomed to odd, abbreviated commands like CHGAUT and EDTF.  You'll also
become familiar with CPYFRMSTMF and CPYFRMIMPF - either that or use the C
library functions to open() read() and close() a stream file.

Hope this serves as a starting place.  Check the archives and FAQ for
references to the IFS.

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