Hi Simon,

Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately OS/2 is not an option; this user
bringing in their own printer aside, we are bound by a corporate SOE. Also,
I believe the spool file is already in landscape, at least when you print
it straight from the 400 to a LAN attached printer. In fact, setting up a
remote outq straight to a printer produces the report pretty much
perfectly, in landscape and 198 characters wide. It's just this user who
needs to print to a locally attached rather than network printer.

 It seems to be the Client Access emulation session that changes it to
portrait, and I can't see any way in Client Access to specify landscape.
AFP viewer can switch between landscape/portrait, but I can't get it to
print more than 132 wide.

Given that the spool file prints in landscape already to a network printer
straight from the 400, am I likely to gain anything by changing the PAGRTT


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Hello Adam,

I don't know of a list of printers but searching the IBM knowledge base may
net you something.

I use an Epson Colour Stylus 800 to print from my 170.  The printer is
attached to my OS/2 Warp Server and I have LPD running on OS/2.  I defined
remote output queue on the AS/400 which points to the printer via the OS/2
server.  The printer is also a shared printer for the OS/2 workstations on
the LAN.  You should be able to accomplish the same sort of thing under

I haven't tried printing 198 column reports but everything up to 132
works fine.  The technical specs for the printer show 160 columns (at 12
condensed) to be the maximum width but that is probably in portrait mode.
know the Stylus 800 can print in landscape mode.  Have you tried setting
PAGRTT value to *COR on the printer file (use CHGPRTF or OVRPRTF)?

Did I mention OS/2 enough times?  OS/2, OS/2, OS/2, OS/2!

Simon Coulter.

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