Do you have anything defined within the QNTC file system?  If you were
to have an entry like '/QNTC/xxxxx/...', then the system would assume
that you had an NT server named 'xxxxx' on your network and will use the
NetServer QFLAMENCO to locate and save the specified files and/or
directories.  That is what looks like is happening here.  The NT server
could be on an IPCS or could be a standalone server on your network.

Andy Nolen-Parkhouse

> On Behalf Of afvaiv
> Subject: BACKUP QNTC error
> Hi,
> Everything goes fine, except for the following. I'm including the part
> of Joblog that refers to the problem.
> After the folders part is done (saved folders to tape, to file # 28),
> gets an error from QNTC which I guess it monitors itself since the
> goes on and finally gets the completion message saying 14 objects
> to tape file # 29.
> I do a DSPTAP of file #29 and yes some (not sure about ALL)
> are saved. Obviously, QNTC was not included.
> The message says a connection could not be established to Network
> QFLAMENCO which is our system. It also points to something about IPCS,
> and some other useless tips...
> Our SystemName is FLAMENCO, NetServer name is QFLAMENCO and is up and
> running.
> Have no IPCS. No configuration of NWS of any kind.
> In our CFGTCP configuration for HostNames, only "FLAMENCO.netname" is
> included. I'm wandering if we should also have an entry with same IP@
> for QFLAMENCO (have not tried it yet) but in any case,
> why is BACKUP trying ( for saving its own directories ! ) a connection
> to such a server (which BTW is itself ) ?
> Any ideas? TIA.  Antonio
> ..........
> Antonio Fernandez-Vicenti

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