My question is simple: Is there  place of similar size already successfully
running on NT/SQL servers?  Have you actually seen it?  Talked to the people

I hear lots of stories about "how wonderful it is going to be" but very few
stories of "how wonderful it is."  My experiences so far are of energies
being diverted to training, virus stomping, product upgrades, hardware
slowdowns, load balancing, and personel turnover as the people learn, then
leave for "the big money."  Somewhere along the line the old iSeries box is
upgraded "just until the new system is up."

Booth Martin
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Date: Monday, October 22, 2001 09:19:03 PM
Subject: Help Save the iSeries
I've been given the chance by a client to justify the existence of their
AS/400 instead of it being replaced with NT / SQL Server (although the
AS/400 has a small chance, per the client). I have no doubt that keeping
the AS/400 is the way to go, but I'm not very good at selling it. I've
pasted below my very rough notes so far. If anyone would like to
contribute to this cause or can point me to an existing report, I would
appreciate it (either to the list or
private email).
Save the iSeries!
*The existing core applications have been running strong for years and
continue to run today with very little administration. The AS/400 is a
part of the infrastructure and success of the company, but not many
realize it since it doesn't require a lot of attention. Integrated
system - describe strengths.
*SQL database can be implemented on iSeries instead of or in addition to
traditional DDS. SQL, DDL and DML.
*Integrated xSeries adapter (IXA) allows the iSeries to centrally manage
multiple physically attached Win 2000 xSeries servers. Will provide
the example and URL describing the company recently featured using
this technology and their benefits.
*Wireless, pervasive computing is supported for future applications.
Will provide the profile and URL of the
Venetian Hotel project in Vegas where guests may check in & out and keys
printed(?) anywhere across their large property with Palms connecting to
iSeries. (?DB2 Everywhere or DB2 Anyplace or something similar?)
*With iNotes(?) supports MS Outlook and web browsers as clients to Lotus
Notes/Domino email (wireless also). Provide benchmarks where recently
over 100,000 concurrent users were supported running Notes on an
iSeries. Also, provide the FAA story and URL where they got fed up w/NT
instability and rebooting every night & decided to replace many NT
servers with 1 iSeries.
*Supports Java and beats Sun in performance - provide benchmarks.
*Now supports Linux. Provide info on recent Linux awards.
*Supports Unix w/PASE.
*Now supports logical partitioning (LPAR) centrally managed by
*Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) despite higher initial costs -
provide excerpts and URL to results of the recent TCO study.
*Now has GUI, Operations Navigator for example. Existing applications
may be modernized with relatively small amount of effort.
*Has integrated web server - Apache and IBM HTTP server. Also optional
Tomcat applet server?? Provide a list of web sites powered by iSeries.
*Mention Websphere, its uses and the awards it's won.
*Compilers and IDE (CODE/400) are now included with the OS (verify?).
*Long history of reliability, since '88 (and before w/34, 38). Provide
info & URL on recent award from resellers as best midrange server (3yrs
in a row) (hp was second, Compaq was last). Provide uptime % info and
stories of boxes that haven't been IPLed in years.
*New technology, despite it's longevity and despite misinformation
within and outside the industry that see the box as green-screen only
and old
technology. RISC, early 64-bit, SOI (silicon on insulated...? copper?),
Regatta Power4?, High Speed Link (HSL), gigabit I/O, more?.
*Many large, well-known corporations depend on the iSeries. List some
examples. Maybe % of Fortune 500 companies.
*Maybe mention that iSeries revenue was up in all geographic areas
according to IBM's 3rd Qtr earnings announcement just released.
*Security - OS/400 advantages. Low virus risk.
*Many applications exist for the platform.
*Maybe mention how Microsoft uses (through outsourcing) AS/400s for
distribution(?) (if that's still true).

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