• Subject: Anyone have RGZPF?
  • From: "Shaw, David" <dshaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 09:51:59 -0500


Years ago News/400 published a utility called RGZPF which was handy for
reorganizing files in a library.  I used it at my previous employer, and I
imagine they're still using it.  I didn't think to make a copy of it to
bring here, assuming I'd be able to get it from the CD or web site.
Unfortunately, it was published too far back to be available on either!
Does anyone have a copy of it that they'd be willing to e-mail to me?  I
could re-write it from memory, but I'd rather save the debugging time if
possible.  Thanks!

Dave Shaw
Spartan International, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC
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