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  • Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 16:56:00 -0500

Well, that was kinda my point.  Sure, all of our dates are *stored* yyyymmdd.

But I doubt anyone, except for a few (including us), uses yyyymmdd for input.
So much for a standard.

I'm not sure of the reasons why, but I suspect our company did that because we
are international and, hence, no confusion between mm/dd/yy and dd/mm/yy.

Dan Bale
IT - AS/400
Handleman Company
248-362-4400  Ext. 4952

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Umm... ISO stands for International Standards Organization.  An ISO date
is YYYY-MM-DD.  Isn't that the world standard?  Or so ISO would hope anyway.

And, no, we don't use ISO for input, we use the American MM/DD/YY format.

Jim Langston

D.BALE@handleman.com wrote:

> Hey!  Sounds like a holy war coming on! <g>
> Certainly, most Americans would be very unfamiliar with dd/mm/yy, but using
> your logic, mm/dd/yy is even more screwy.  I don't like to have to visually
> work through dd/mm/yy, although reading "15 March 2000" is, IMO, elegant.
> much use for data storage & date processing, though.
> If there were to be a world standard (hah!), I would vote for yyyy/mm/dd.
> Dan Bale
> IT - AS/400
> Handleman Company
> 248-362-4400  Ext. 4952
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