• Subject: RE: V4R5 PTF for displaying file I/O stats as default
  • From: "Shaw, David" <dshaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 11:57:51 -0500

Personally I think that cover letter (which I've read probably a half-dozen
times over the years) shows a fundamental lack of understanding on the
writer's part over how we customers use that screen.  I usually am looking
at one of three things:

1) Which files does this job have open?
2) Which file(s) is the job doing a lot of I/O on?
3) What relative record number was last read from a particular file?

I think there was one time that I cared which activation group a file was
open in, but that may have been a dream (or a nightmare ;).

Dave Shaw
Spartan International, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC
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From: Buck Calabro [mailto:buck.calabro@aptissoftware.com]

Walden Leverich wrote:

>It's interesting. I've gotten the 
>PTF before, but I've never read the
>details. In the problem conclusion 
>IBM states:
>"Since the majority of customers 
>use the ILE environment, this PTF 
>would cause problems for them."  
>I'd be interested to know the opinion 
>of the list. Are the MAJORITY of
>customers using ILE? I doubt it.

All of our customers (50+) order this PTF every release.  ILE is being used
in a "tentative" mode - no re-writes, but a few new programs are deployed
here and there.  Nobody ever used the OPM "shared open" model, so the more
granular shares that ILE offers don't come into play.

My suggestion: Always display it the old way, but if there's a mix of AG's,
pop a message at the bottom of the screen to that effect, reminding the
programmer that she may want to check the scoping data...

Example of "mixed" open:
Scope      Activation Group     
*ACTGRPDFN 0000001963 QILE      
*ACTGRPDFN 0000001963 QILE      

Buck Calabro
Aptis; Albany, NY
"Nothing is so firmly believed as
 that which we least know" -- Michel Montaigne
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