• Subject: Re: Where does SEU store Work In Progress
  • From: "Simon Coulter" <shc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Apr 00 11:46:27 +1000

Hello David,

My view is that developers should be developing on a box with at least the same 
restrictions as the target environment.  My preference is that they actually 
run at a 
higher level of security to avoid unforseen problems.

If the developers only work on a level 30 box they can run into trouble 
deploying on a 
level 40 or 50 box.  The classic "It works for me!" syndrome.  Similar 
arguments apply for 
developers with *ALLOBJ authority even if they're on a separate box.  Same goes 
testing under a user id that is more powerful thatn the end users.

However, as has so often been demonstrated in this list, my view does not 
always reflect 
the real world.  There are many silly people out there who would indeed operate 
as you 
suggest if they have multiple boxes.  The production machine might be locked 
down but the 
development box is open slather.

As always, it depends on what you are doing.

Simon Coulter.

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