As the guilt slowly pours over my face...

I'm using a 19" monitor with 1280X1024 resolution :).   If you play around
with the character spacing bar on the Font Tab, it may help out.  We have
about 30 users running Rumba with 15" monitors with an 800X600 resolution
and have decent results on a 27X132 format.  Of course this could explain
why everyone "squints" around here!

I distribute the Rumba profile through our SMS server and could make you a
copy and send it to you if you would like.  You would just have to
re-configure the connection parameters for your environment, but the display
properties should be good.

Scott S. Robertson
Information Systems Manager
Data Processing Sciences Corp.

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Thanks for the font.  I installed it but it gave very poor results on my

The Sys Admin disabled my access to the Display control panel, otherwise I'd
monkey around with the resolution settings.  As I mentioned before though,
it looks to me like it's set at 800x600, which should be a good enough
resolution for 27x132 (I know it was for CA).  What's yours set at, Scott?

- Dan Bale

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> Dan,
> I have been using Rumba for a couple of years now and really like it.  I
> do
> agree with you on the font problem, but I have a solution (at least for
> me).
> I use a font called EBCDIC.  It solved my readability problems in 27X132
> mode (and even cancels the zeros).  I have attached the font to this
> message.  Just install it to your Fonts folder in Windows.
> As for the keyboard mapping, I find that you can alter Rumba to do just
> about anything you want.  Go to the Options menu and down to Keyboard.
> There you can map whatever keys you would like to do what functions.  Just
> be sure to save your profile when you change it or it will revert back to
> the way it was!
>  <<EBCDIC.TTF>> 
> Scott S. Robertson
> Information Systems Manager
> Data Processing Sciences Corp.
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> Subject:      Rumba vs. Client Access
> I am a long-time CA user and have really grown to love it lately for a
> variety of reasons.  I found out just how much I really liked it this past
> week when I started in a shop that uses Rumba.  Here's what I'm missing in
> Rumba that I really liked in CA:
> (First some background on the workstation:  It's a WinNT 4.0 with a 15"
> monitor running in, I believe, 800x600 mode.  According to the Rumba Help
> About, we are using Rumba Office 2000, Version 6.0 U00, Build 1502.0.0;
> the
> PTF tab indicates that there are no PTFs applied.)
> 1) By far, Rumba's screen font for 27x132 is barely readable.  I have
> fumbled around a bit with the display fonts but am using the default
> Term400.  The MS Sans Serif font was close, but the characters were too
> squeezed together.  The Lucida Console font was another close one.  CA's
> 27x132 was crisp and clear after a certain service pack was applied.  Can
> anyone recommend a good font for this?  I've tried all the ones that were
> installed on this system.  (Also, I do not want to have to scroll
> horizontally to see the full display.)
> 2) I loved being able to use the cursor moving function Ctrl-Right Arrow
> or
> Ctrl-Left Arrow.  These were the ones that moved the cursor to the first
> non-blank character next or previous to the position that the cursor is
> currently located.  It functions exactly like in any normal Windows text
> window, i.e., notepad, wordpad, MS Word.  I was able to map the keyboard
> End
> key so that it behaves like it should, i.e., positions the cursor to the
> end
> of the text on the current line instead of Rumba's default erase from
> current position to the end of the line.
> I am close to asking whether I can get CA installed on this box; I believe
> they have a few available licenses.  But I'd rather not bother them with
> this if I can get these two things resolved.  
> TIA,
> Dan Bale
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