PCAnywhere is pretty easy to set up. There are almost no options to set.

When you first get it running, it will ask you what protocol to use for
network connections, what modem to use for dial connections, and what port
to use for direct cable connections. After that, you get a screen with some
big buttons on the top. Press the one for being a host, then double click
the modem icon. The PC will then wait for an incoming PCAnywhere call. On
your system at home, press the big remote button, then double click the
modem icon and it will ask you for the phone number. Pretty easy, eh?

What you can do is take the modem icon on the host and right-click and drag
it to your Start Up folder to create a shortcut. Then, every time the PC is
booted it will automatically set the modem to wait for a call. You can also
right click on the icon and select Properties and set up all kinds of things
like users, passwords, dial back, etc.

As far as how to connect the console PC to the 400, you will need to either
use the async console or put a twinax card in the machine and set it to
address 0 on port 0 (twinax would be my choice, and there are a lot of
unused cards around). That way you could work the console from PCAnywhere or
physically in front of the PC.

And if your PCAnywhere connection drops, the 400 doesn't know a thing.

Good luck! Let me know if you need any assistance with PCAnywhere.

David Boring
Systems Engineer
Direct: (562) 809-5460
Vnet: 723-5460

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Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 03:12:43 -0500
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Subject: RE: Remote Console for Restricted State

Thanks for the pointers, unfortunately am on V4R2 , so will have to wait
until i get a shiny new copy of V4R4 later in the year to use the 'blue'
I believe we have a copy of PC Anywhere somewhere(!), but as i've never used
it can someone give me an idea of how to set it up?
Also, what would happen if the line dropped between the remote console and
the 400 whilst in a restricted state - would it reconnect?
Lastly, i thought QSYSWRK had to be ended to be in a restricted state, but
TCP runs in this system.  How do i get around this?


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> Subject:      Re: Remote Console for Restricted State
      There are several options - PC-Anywhere or another product (that has
        never heard about AS/400) can ofcause do it. 

> The 'blue' way: 'Operation Console' (an V4R3 and up alternative to
> 'Client access console') can distribute the Console over any TCP/IP-net
> (Intra- or Inter-). 
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