My staff tells me that net.commerce is really a "framework" for eCommerce &
not a package.  We have been working with it for several months now & I
certainly understand your frustration.  The macros supplied with the
"sample store" have significant disclaimers on their suitability for use.
It appears that you are dead in the water if you do not have a grasp of
Net.Data macro coding.

It's certainly not a package that you can use "out of the box".  I would
have expected more from IBM.  

On the AS/400, there are also significant OS/400 & net.commerce release
compatibility issues.  We tried to install V2 of net.commerce on a V4R3
AS/400 ... bad move ... changes in OS/400 from V4R2 to R3 rendered the
installation instructions obsolete (& no replacements were to be found)!
Hopefully this has been remedied with V3 of N/C.

Support for N/C is a matter of luck, at the best.  If you find the right
individual, you can get an answer, but the traditional support channels
don't know enough to help.  All of the internal N/C knowledge at IBM seems
to be allocated to billable customer projects ... if you're not using IBM
to implement, you seem to be on your own!

Is this the new IBM???

John Myers
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