"Al Barsa, Jr." <barsa2@ibm.net> wrote:

>With all due respect, I think that software to validate a date would
>certainly be more efficient that a file.  (The file would use MUCH more
>disk space, the routine would use more CPU.)  Possibly a hybrid solution
>would be the best:  Whenever a date is validated, it is put into a file.

A couple of observations. Firstly Chris' file could be useful in queries
although I don't know whether this is his intention or just a handy by-product.
Secondly I don't think it's realistic to calculate public holidays on the fly;
these will have to be stored in a database file. As to disk space, the J.D.
Edwards date translation file (F00365) containing every date from 1/1/1980 to
31/12/2039 is only about 3 megabytes, although probably with fewer fields than
Chris is planning.

As to Chris' question about whether such a file is already available: in OS/400,
no I don't think so; in an existing application, possibly. One thing is sure;
any company of reasonable size needs to plan around the public holidays so
someone within the organisation must already be co-ordinating this information.
Chris should find out who this is and work with them.

Dave Kahn, ABB Steward Ltd.

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