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It's show time people

Visit this forum please,  It will only take a few moments.   
How many times have we all asked for this visibity ?   Now's our chance.  
Pass this
on to all your friends and have them put in their two cents worth.

John Carr       


To Web or not to Web

Posted by: siteadm
Date posted: Fri May 7 14:43:26 PDT 1999 

              This week in Enterprise Computing we examine IBM's new AS/400
server models
              -- released in February -- and new operating system, OS/400
Version 4 Release 4
              (V4R4), which is due out May 21. There are many powerful
introduced with this release.

     You can run host, client/server, and Web applications concurrently. 
     There is a built-in Web server, firewall, and Web application server. 
     There is integrated VPN support and digital certificate management. 
     Partitioning support lets you separate processors, memory, and disk
into independent server
     configurations on a singular box. 
     Built-in clustering offers greater control for planned and unplanned
     You can run Domino R5 natively (and in multiple partitions). 
     Java tools are enhanced. 
     There is built-in OLAP functionality. 
     There is extended data type support.

The AS/400 is compelling as a highly reliable server platform. Customers
can purchase just the
features they need to meet budgetary constraints while also being able to
consolidate multiple servers
into a single AS/400 box. The platform also integrates well with other
operating systems, including
Unix, NetWare, and Windows NT.

However, current AS/400 customers will need to grapple with the business
case for or against
migrating existing RPG, Cobol, and PL/1 applications to the Web. And
developers on the platform
will need to become knowledgeable about Web technologies and languages,
such as Java. 

What is the best way for current AS/400 shops to cope with all of these
changes? How can they
determine which applications should be migrated? What resources do you
think would help to
expedite the AS/400 developer education process? And for those of you who
do not use the
AS/400, would you consider it? Why or why not?
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