Title: RE: FTP and CRLF

        Copy the datafile to a PC document in a folder with the CPYTOPCD command specifying a format of *NOTEXT (TRNFMT(*NOTEXT)).  This will convert your database file to ASCII and not add CRLF.  Then ftp the PC document to your PC, using the ftp subcommand, binary or image. 

Guy Murphy   
University of Illinois
FACTS system

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We want to FTP an AS/400 file to a PC and are doing so with great good
luck excepting one show-stopper problem for us.

Every record is appearing at the target site with a Carriage Return and
Line Feed.  Because of the nature of the PC software this extra CRLF is
messing us up.  Does anyone have a simple idea how to keep this unwanted
CRLF off our target records?

Booth Martin

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